Rainbow of The Week: Cindy McCarthy

This is my first “rainbow of the week” post. Its purpose is to thank and recognize someone who, during the past week, was particularly kind and thoughtful to me, or someone who did something to make a positive impact on the lives of other people.

My friend Cindy McCarthy inspired me to do a “rainbow of the week” post. This past week, Cindy carved out a big chunk of time from her busy schedule to examine my blog and sit down with me to discuss how to improve it. In addition to being the mother of two adorable little girls (Grace and Clare), Cindy created On the Go Chicago. It’s full of information about kid-friendly events, activities, classes and restaurants in Chicago. Parents magazine just gave Cindy the “best local Mom blog” award. If you have kids (your own or “borrowed” from friends or family) and are looking for ideas for how to spend time with them in Chicago, On the Go Chicago has all of the information you need.

Thank you, Cindy, for illuminating my sky with your rainbow! If you feel inspired to do so, tell us about someone who was a rainbow in your life this past week….

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