Rainbow of the Week: Sherri Shepherd

I was lying on the couch Monday night, under the weather and feeling all-around just plain yucky. The first episode of the new season of “Dancing With The Stars” came on TV. One of the celebrities, Sherri Shepherd, I had kinda sorta heard of before, and I vaguely knew she was one of the hosts of “The View.”

Sherri brought so much fun and joy and effervescence to her performance that it immediately made me feel better. It got me thinking what an impact each one of us can have by being a happy person when we’re around other people. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be that person who lights up the room. It might not be on a TV show watched by millions of people, but it can be in a meeting room at work, at the grocery store, at dinner with family or friends, or wherever we find ourselves in our non-celebrity lives. So as inspiration to be that person, here’s Sherri Shepherd’s performance on DWTS. Enjoy! (Watch the whole clip. She’s hysterical during the post-dance interview!)

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