Rainbow of the Week: Much More Than “Hello”

This past Saturday, life sent me a loud and clear message of “practice what you preach.” After publishing my post on decluttering and donating your things to those in need, I went to pick up my mail in my condo building. Someone had posted a flyer on our community bulletin board asking for donations for a homeless friend who had found a place to live. It turns out that the homeless person is someone I walk past and say hi to every morning on my way to work. Jeff Newcorn, who lives in my building, is doing much more than saying hello to this person (whose name, Jeff told me, is Tony). He’s helping him make a fresh start in life.

I knew I could find some things amongst my possessions to give: that extra set of dishes, those large bath sheets I rarely use, the pillows I bought on a whim, and I have one more blanket than I really need. Gathering up these things and giving them to Jeff to deliver to Tony’s new place was easy. Jeff is doing the meaningful work by helping Tony create a home for himself. And by caring enough to do all of this for Tony, Jeff made himself a rainbow not only in Tony’s life, but in mine as well.

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