Danger: Red-Rock Fever!

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra explains that “spending time in nature … gives you access to the qualities inherent in the field [of pure potentiality]: infinite creativity, freedom, and bliss.” The place where I’ve experienced those qualities the most is Sedona, Arizona.

If you need a long weekend to recharge, reconnect and restart your life, Sedona is the place. Its breathtaking red rock formations, beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, fantastic hiking, opportunities for personal growth, art galleries and an indescribable something magic in the air make your mind, body and soul completely relax and go “aahhh.” I caught red rock fever on my first trip there and have returned many times since.

Hiking in the Red Rocks

If you watched the video, you’ll want to go hiking in the Sedona’s many red rock areas. For details on some of Sedona’s best hikes, check out Sedona Hiking Trails.com and Sedona Monthly.com. Sedona has hiking trails for every level of fitness, ranging from easy to difficult. My favorites are Boynton Canyon (on the easier side) and Cathedral Rock (on the more difficult side). Boynton Canyon is shaded for much of the hike and can be done any time of day. Cathedral Rock is unshaded and is best done in the morning, especially during warmer months. You can also take jeep tours of the red rocks, which are offered by a number of tour companies in Uptown Sedona (the main drag).

In Sedona with my sisters.

Mii Amo

For a solo or couples getaway to Sedona, consider staying at Mii Amo, which is part of Enchantment Resort. Mii Amo isn’t inexpensive, but it’s worth every penny. The location alone – in the middle of Boyton Canyon, with direct access to hiking trails – is worth the price of admission. The food is healthy and delicious. In addition to the location, my favorite thing about Mii Amo is the spa services, which go beyond traditional skin care and massage to unique body services like psychic massage (a must-try) and reiki, and “mindfulness” sessions on subjects such as compassionate communication, vision board creation and journaling. The therapists at Mii Amo are simply the best!

Trolls are welcome in Sedona too!

Junipine Resort

For a different but equally enjoyable experience (and much less expensive!), consider staying at Junipine Resort, which is located in Oak Creek Canyon in the lush and green forested part of Sedona. At Junipine, you rent a large condominium with lots of sleeping space, a full kitchen and fireplaces. Some units have an outdoor hot tub, which is fantastic at night under Sedona’s star-filled skies. Junipine is an ideal place to stay if you go to Sedona with family or friends.

If you stay at Junipine, take a drive to Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa for spa services. Like Mii Amo, Sedona Rouge offers the standard array of skin care and massage in addition to services that are very special and unique. You can see their menu of spa services, and book your appointments ahead (which is a must) by clicking here.

Sedona Crystal Vortex and Tlaquepaque

No trip to Sedona is complete with going to Sedona Crystal Vortex for a spiritual reading. It may sound hokey, but I’ve gotten some incredibly helpful insights and advice from the talented readers who practice there. Another wonderful destination in Sedona is an arts and crafts village called Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tla-keh-pah-keh). It has dozens of tasteful galleries and unique shops in a beautiful environment modeled after a traditional Mexican village. Artwork from Tlaquepaque is sprinkled throughout my home.

At Tlaquepaque.

Getting There

To get to Sedona, fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, rent a car, and drive about 120 miles north. It’s an easy drive, and when you get near Sedona, the scenery is gorgeous. If you’re like me, you’ll come down with a serious case of red rock fever and return to Sedona again and again

Don’t worry, we didn’t let them drive!


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