Rainbow of the Week: Tiny But Mighty

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a tweet from Stephen Covey that nudged me into listing my condo for sale, so I could be free to leave my current job and “move from good to great.” It sold right away – thank you, God! This week, I got another nudge, this time from a blog called Tiny Buddha.

I was working from home on Wednesday, largely to avoid the person (let’s call her Dragon Lady) whose outbursts of extreme unpleasantness make work, well, extremely unpleasant. I took a break to check Twitter, which led me to a post on Tiny Buddha called “3 Steps to Help You Achieve Your Truest Dreams.”

Step 1, listing out what your dreams are, I had done previously. After a particularly bad encounter with Dragon Lady a few months ago, I had written down on a large poster board what I really wanted to do for a living, where I wanted to live, and other details of the life I wanted to lead (down to owning two Shiba Inus, who I’ll name Violet and Veruca, after the two little girls in Willie Wonka).

Where I had stalled, however, was Step 2: map out the path to your dreams. This is where the advice from Tiny Buddha hit home for me:

“Even when we identify what we wish we could do and be, our dreams are just that—dreams—because they seem so far off. It’s hard to imagine them occurring in real life, but that’s not exactly true at all.

What if I told you that each of your dreams is only a series of steps away from coming true? What if you are only a few small tasks away from being your true self?

Take out a piece of paper. Make two columns. In the left column, write down your dreams. In the right column, next to each dream, write down the one single thing you can do today to achieve that dream….”

I knew the one thing I could do that day to achieve my dream of moving on to a new career was to give notice at my current job (which would have the added advantage of giving me some emotional and psychological distance from Dragon Lady). I also knew that I had the luxury of telling them I’d be leaving at year end, when my major projects wrap up. And I knew giving notice would light a fire under my ass to take other concrete steps during the rest of this year to reposition myself.

So, with the encouragement of Tiny Buddha, I gave notice at work yesterday. It’s nice to know that they want me to stay, but far, far nicer to know that I won’t be staying, and that I’m turning my dreams into real life.

What’s the one single thing you can do today as a step toward achieving your dreams?

5 thoughts on “Rainbow of the Week: Tiny But Mighty

  1. What a lovely post… and so true on so many levels I don’t know where to begin:) Good for you for taking a leap of faith toward making your dreams come true. It’s scary/cool isn’t it? What can I do today that would take me in the direction of my dreams? Write. The goal is to keep my deadlines for my current work in progress. T

  2. Wow! Perhaps Dragon Lady came into your life for this very reason…

    It takes a great of courage to do this, Lisa, and I wish you all the best step by step as you move in the direction of your dreams!

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