Epitaph For Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day. My mom died from stomach cancer nearly 35 years ago, when I was 14. My sister Martha made a documentary, called Epitaph for Mom, about my how Mom managed to live with cancer, and how she not only didn’t let it defeat her, but used it to make her a better person with a more meaningful life. I almost referred to her “courageous battle” with cancer, but she wouldn’t want it described that way. That’s how Mom was.

Watching Epitaph For Mom never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Not just because I’m sad that Mom is gone, but much more because I love feeling her love again. She’ll always be a rainbow in my clouds.

My friends, sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces and others of you who are mothers are the same for your children. I’ve watched you be sources of completely selfless love, even in the face of tantrums, whether from toddlers or teens. Only that kind of love could give someone the strength, when told she has 6 months to live, to buy new pots and pans out of concern that no woman would want to marry her husband and raise her children with an old, dingy set of cookware. Yes, that’s a true story about Mom, although she lived longer than 6 months and got to enjoy her new Farberware.

My mother’s day gift to you is my mom (and for my family members, our mom or grandmother), in Epitaph For Mom, courtesy of my wonderful sister Martha. The video is about 25 minutes long. As an added bonus, please enjoy the 70’s fashions and hair styles!

P.S. For Mother’s Day, in memory of Mom, I made a donation to Operation Gratitude. Since she met Dad during WWII when she was a nurse and Dad was stationed stateside, I think she would’ve liked that.

8 thoughts on “Epitaph For Mom

  1. Thanks for sharing that Lisa. I always knew your mom died of cancer, but it was so touching to get to see what she was like and how bravely she faced her illness. As you know, my mom has been sick with cancer most of my life. Your sister’s message really hit home with me. Life is suffering. When we accept that, we can truly live.

    • I’m so glad you got something good from Epitaph for Mom. The thanks actually go to my sister, Martha, for doing such an amazing job making the documentary, and to my mom for being open enough to be interviewed and filmed. (My addition was getting over my semi-Amishness to figure out how to put Epitaph for Mom on my blog!) Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. Mom taught us the importance of caring for other people. That’s what Operation Gratitude is doing. To use one of her words, she would be “tickled” to support your efforts. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, Lisa, to honor our most amazing Mom. Watching this stirs up so many emotions, and my tears flow like a “spicket” (to use one of Dad’s words). It is nice to hear Mom’s voice, and, as you say, to feel her love!

    Thanks for sharing these special memories of Mom, and thanks to Martha for producing this all of those years ago. I am impressed with your video integration. Lisa, you rock! I love you so much!!

    • I’m so glad that this post is something special for you and others, Michele. I felt Mom sort of nudging me to get over my tech-phobia and put this video out there. She’s been on the shelf for too long! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I love you too….

  4. No doubt Regina continues to smile upon her beautiful family. She seems so strong, faithful, dignified — an amazing mother! I feel like I know her well through Michele, you and your sibs. I wish that I met Michele a couple years earlier to actually be introduced to Regina. Thank you Lisa for this post.

  5. Although I wasn’t crazy at the time about being filmed, I’m extremely thankful now to Martha for having made this film so people like you can “meet” Mom. You would have been her sixth son, Brian. We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful memories of our moms, even if they can’t be with us in person on Mothe’s Day.

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