Rainbow of the Week: Go VEEP!

I was in Washington, D.C. this week for a work-related seminar when I heard the news about President Obama endorsing people’s right to enter into same-sex marriages. Maybe because I grew up in an era where the right to enter into interracial marriages was still questioned – something that now seems so fundamental — I felt proud of our prez for standing up for people’s rights rather than waffling on the issue. Why wouldn’t we want to support love and commitment, regardless of the form that it takes?

Then I went to a cozy luncheon with 700 or so other lawyers where the luncheon speaker (a political journalist) explained that it was actually a “gaffe” by Vice President Biden on Meet the Press that forced Obama to come out in support of gay marriage. I say, go VEEP!

One of my favorite comedians, Bill Maher, pointed out this turn of events as only Maher can as his last “new rule” on his show this week. Maher summarized the situation rather aptly:

“If we want historic change, we can either do it the president’s way, slowly, using cool, detached reason, or the vice president’s way, quickly using brainfarts… Maybe Joe’s gaffe will be the turning point where Democratic politicians realize that doing the right thing on social issues can be a winner, politically, too.”

To hear everything Maher had to say on the issue (which is both funny and insightful), click here.

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