Rainbow of the Week: Keep Showing Up, No Matter What

I love doing this blog and writing, which is why I’m writing this post at 5 AM when I had planned to be running. But I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where I can have writing – which is my passion – as a full-time gig. I was having one of those moments of nagging doubts when I read a post in Kristen Lamb’s Blog that gave me just the kick in the pants that I needed. Kristen worked in sales before transitioning into a career as an author, freelance editor and speaker.

This is what Kristen wrote that I needed very much to hear:

“There is no easy way to success in what we do. Whether we traditionally publish or indie or self-publish, there are NO shortcuts. Publishing success is a lot of work. Those who will succeed are the ones who can do this writing thing day, after day, after day, after day, who can keep blogging and tweeting and writing books and more books and more books even when it looks like nothing is happening. I have been blogging for three and a half years and have almost 800,000 words invested into my career. But I keep showing up, and keep showing up, no matter what.

We have to have endurance to be successful at writing. Whether you listen to Barry Eisler, Joe Konrath, Bob Mayer, Amanda Hocking, H.P. Mallory, James Rollins or Sandra Brown, they will all tell you the same story. Success took work, years of it.”

Hard work. Persistence. Patience. Thank you, Kristen, for reminding me that those are necessary ingredients in the recipe of dream fulfillment. That’s true whether your dream is to be a writer, to lose ten pounds, or to find a new job. We may fantasize about winning the lottery, but (a) you’re about 100 times more likely to die of a flesh-eating bacteria than you are to win the lottery, and (b) lottery winners have some of the most tragic stories you’ll ever hear. If you really want to live your dream, keep showing up for it, and keep showing up for it, no matter what!

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