This idea for what I call a Random Act of Rainbow is inspiring. So today, I went into Starbucks with the intention of paying for whatever the person behind me in line was getting. Her reaction was, in order: confusion, suspicion, comprehension, surprise, big smile, gratefulness. It was great!

Peel The Onion

While working at the restaurant this past weekend, I was presented with a wonderful example of a random act of kindness.  At the time, I was busy waiting on several tables.  I was tired and starting to find it difficult to put on a cheerful face.  In the middle of what for me was a stressful environment, something happened that transformed me and changed my entire outlook for the day.

A new party of three was seated in a booth in my section, right in front of another customer who I had already served.  The family ordered their breakfast, and then the woman at the table beckoned me to lean in closely as she whispered: “We would like to pay for that gentleman behind us.  Please give us his bill, and when he asks for his check, don’t tell him who paid for it.”

Well, at first I have to…

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