Connect to Source Part 2: Journaling

A more interactive way to “Connect to Source” than meditation (the subject of Connect to Source Part 1), journaling can be an extremely powerful tool to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom. I journal every Wednesday and Sunday morning, religiously. The answers that emerge when I take a pen in hand, ask hard questions, listen and let the thoughts flow in written form are often profound, and have helped steer my life in a positive direction. And let me tell you, it’s much cheaper than therapy!

In order to do justice to this important subject, I decided to see what others have written about journaling. That quest led me to two excellent books: Journalution by Sandy Grason, and Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner (who refers to what I call the Source as “the Voice”). Most of what follows is in their words, which are far more eloquent than mine.

Why Bother To Keep A Journal?

From Journalution:

“Remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy asks Glinda the Good Witch how to get back to Kansas? Glinda tells Dorothy, ‘My dear, you’ve always had the power.’ We all have the power to create a life we love. But often, like Dorothy, we look in faraway places for our answers when the real answers are in our own backyard. It’s tempting to look outside ourselves for answers to life’s big questions. After all, if we could just read a book or go to a seminar and discover our true purpose, it would make things so much easier. While the answers that others have found may inspire you, ultimately you have to answer life’s big questions for yourself, and your journal is the best place to begin figuring out your hopes, dreams and visions. Think of your journal as your very own pair of ruby slippers.”

What If I Don’t Have Time And Energy For Journaling?

From Writing Down Your Soul:

“Writing is not something you have to do; it’s a gift you give yourself—the gift of stopping. Stop for just a moment and step off the busy, go-go, do-do, get-get train that we all ride all day, all week, all year. Stop for just a few minutes and talk with the Voice. Don’t worry that the train will speed ahead without you. Not only will you have no trouble getting back on, but you’ll also reboard with new answers, new clarity, new energy, and a smattering of fresh, new hope.”

What If I’m Not A Good Writer?

From Writing Down Your Soul:

“The best way to push your editor aside is to write fast—really, really fast…. Don’t bother with endings or punctuation or quotation marks or anything that slows you down. Don’t worry about writing correctly—just focus on having a conversation. Because that’s what deep soul writing is—a conversation. It happens to take place in written form, but it doesn’t have to meet any of the criteria of teacher-approved ‘good’ writing. No one sees what you have written but you and the Voice, and the Voice doesn’t care about your grammar, punctuation or spelling.”

What Should I Write About?

Both Journalution and Writing Down Your Soul contain loads of ideas or “prompts” for journal entries. But once you start asking questions about your life and listening for answers, you’ll find an endless source of things to write about. In Grason’s words:

“Begin by asking, ‘What should I do?’ Tell this higher being everything that’s on your mind. Get your problems and concerns out on the page. Rant and rave and ask all the hard questions that are driving you mad. Get rid of them so that you can stop focusing on them. Then take a breath and listen. An answer will be there. Don’t judge it, just write it.”

How Do I Get Started?

From Journalution:

“You don’t have to wait for something big and wonderful to happen in your life in order to start writing. Just begin writing, right now.”


“Your journal will help you keep peace in your soul. It will be your guide. It will open your heart and reveal your dreams. You only have to pick up a pen and begin writing.”

While journaling is ultimately about sitting down and putting your thoughts and inner wisdom on paper (or in some electronic form of writing), reading Journalution or Writing Down Your Soul are excellent ways to get started. If you already journal, these books will make the experience even more rewarding. So pick up a pen and paper and create your own pair of beautiful and magical ruby slippers to take you on a journey to the answers to your life’s big questions!

5 thoughts on “Connect to Source Part 2: Journaling

  1. So, I was wondering until the very end there, do you think it’s necessary it be written by long hand… can one really journal — what I learned as unconscious writing — with a keyboard? Great resources. Thanks for sharing. :>

  2. That’s a great question! Personally, I’m a fan of the old-fashioned pen and paper method. It feels more personal and natural, maybe because I associate writing on a keyboard with being at work and editing my writing. But I’ll bet some people — particularly younger ones who grew up texting — are comfortable journaling in an electronic form. I think the Dalai Lama got it right when he said, “In our spiritual journey, it’s important for each of us to decide whether a particular practice is appropriate for us.” He’s a pretty smart guy. 🙂

  3. He is a pretty smart guy. I was thinking in the shower this morning the more appropriate term I learned for it — many moons ago — was “stream of consciousness writing.” And, while I didn’t grow up texting, my fingers are ever so much more comfortable on a keyboard… I don’t think my own subconscious would be able to read my handwriting!

    Thanks for the answer, and the nudge. ;>

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