This post is an excellent reminder that the best “Random Acts of Rainbow” often involve helping someone who’s in a jam. Whether it’s a person who spilled their coffee, a guy who can’t find what he’s looking for at the grocery store, a woman going through airport security with little kids, or someone trying to open a door with both hands full of stuff, I’m going to keep my eyes open and take time to help a fellow human being who needs a helping hand. Party on, dude….

Red Dirt Kelly

spilled latte

Last Thursday I was approaching my office door with keys in hand, briefcase in tow, and quite a few care packages tucked under my arm. As I tried balancing my latte on my French-style door handle, I was rewarded for this very bad decision by my drink plummeting to the freshly waxed linoleum and spreading in a four-foot oblong pattern across the heavy traffic area of our hall.

Returning from my second restroom trip with twenty yards of paper towels flowing behind me, I was met with this image…

A young male student with strawberry-blonde curly hair held somewhat in place by a hippie-style, braided headband was on his hands and knees. His gold-rimmed, 70s style glasses were slightly odd-angled on his still-pubescent face and he was working diligently, cleaning up my mess.

As I approached he greeted me in a very “duuuude” voice, “These paper towels aren’t very ab-sor-bent.”

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