Rainbow of the Week: They Live On In Us

With Father’s Day around the corner, those of us who have lost our dads may be feeling a bit like a kid whose parents didn’t show up for the school play: all alone, with no one to cheer us on. But when you stop and think about it, our parents who have passed on to the next level live on in this world through us, their children.

So my guest blogger and rainbow in the clouds this week is my dad, a man who firmly believed in CAPITALIZATION for EMPHASIS. (Hey, if Coachella can bring Tupac back as a hologram, I can bring my dad back as a guest blogger.)  In packing to prepare for my upcoming move, I ran across a letter he wrote at a time when I was contemplating a job change:

“I’m sure you understand that there are TIMES in every person’s life that are DIFFICULT and it is necessary to ‘TOUGH THINGS OUT.’ That is ONE WAY OF GROWING. You have been blessed in many ways and you are on the way literally to having a GREAT, GOOD LIFE. Some things take a little longer, and patience can be a most important part of LEARNING and GROWING. Sometimes sacrifice is required also. Life can be quite a MIXTURE, but in the end it’s still pretty much what we OURSELVES make of it.”

I also found this note written in a book that he gave me:

“I like Earl Nightingale’s definition of SUCCESS: ‘The progressive realization of WORTHWHILE GOALS!’ The more I think about it, the more perfect I find it. Each word is significant. The POSSIBILITY THINKER asks: ‘Where will I be 5, 10, 20 years from now?’ and answers, ‘That depends on the decisions I make TODAY and the goals I CHOOSE as the LEADER OF MY OWN DESTINY!”

Since I can’t give dad a Father’s Day gift, I’m doing two things to carry on his legacy. First, in an upcoming series called “Path to Purpose”, I’ll explore dad’s message of being the leader of your own destiny and making the most of your life. Second, to honor the man who put a roof over my head, I made a donation in his name to the St. Bernard Project, which builds homes for New Orleans families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

If you’re lucky enough to spend Father’s Day with your dad, give him an extra hug for me (a really really good one, please). If your dad has moved on from this world, find a way to let the best parts of him shine brightly through you.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow of the Week: They Live On In Us

  1. Thanks for honoring our Dad, again. I know you miss him as much as I do, only you got the really cool letters to look at. I guess maybe he did love you best!

    • Either that, or maybe it had something to do with the fact that I moved away and didn’t live in the same city as he did. Anyway, are you finally admitting that his dying words weren’t really that he always loved YOU best?? 😉

  2. Oh my goodness… in only 2 posts, I am in love with your Dad. What a wonderful, warm, caring, smart, funny guy. I only wish mine had been half of yours. But I married up and thereby became another daughter to a great Dad, so there’s that. Thank you again for sharing his words. I believe I will be quoting you, “If your dad has moved on from this world, find a way to let the best parts of him shine brightly through you.” on Father’s Day in honor of my (husband’s) Dad whom we have also lost.

  3. Wow, thank you so, so much for your kind comments. You’ve brought tears to my eyes because my whole intent behind these posts was to share my dad with people. It sounds to me like the best parts of your dad definitely do shine brightly through you. I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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