18. Leaving inspirational books at Starbucks and Panera

Have you seen a fairly new documentary called HAPPY (directed by Roko Belic, executive produced by Tom Shaydac)? It explores sources of happiness in our lives. At the top of the list: performing random acts of kindness. Here’s a fun idea for just that: leave an inspirational book that you’ve read at a place like Starbucks, with a note, for someone else to enjoy. I plan to do this tomorrow morning. I’m sure the person who needs the book will find it….


I’m an avid reader.  When I buy I book, I usually finish it within a couple of days.  I’ve always wondered what to do with these books after I’ve enjoyed them.  Although I sometimes pass them on to a friend or family member, I usually end up putting them in a box in the closet where they collect dust with my other favorite books.  Occasionally, I donate them to a library or sell them to a used book store.

For this random act of kindness, I decided to do something different.  I went to a local Starbucks and Panera Bread and left a few books on the table.  With each book I left a note telling the lucky finder to either take the book home or pass it on to a friend who might enjoy it.  Hopefully, these cherished books will find their way into the hands of other book…

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