Making It Right

Sticking with a New Orleans theme, this week’s rainbow is Brad Pitt, founder of the Make It Right Foundation. Since December 2006, Make It Right has been working to build 150 energy-efficient, affordable, storm-resistant homes for families in the Lower 9th Ward. Make It Right is now past the halfway point, having completed just over 75 homes designed by local and international architects, including Frank Gehry (known for wavy metallic masterpieces like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.). For a photo gallery and map of completed homes, click here.

Make It Right needs to raise approximately $5 million annually to complete the foundation’s 150-home goal by the target date of the end of 2013. Unfortunately, donations declined after the attention paid to New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina faded and the economy tanked, going from $15 million in 2007 to $3.8 million in 2010 (the last year for which data is available). As an offering to the real estate gods, who recently allowed me to sell my condo in less than a week — a certified miracle in today’s housing market, perhaps the work of St. Expedite? — I made a contribution to Make It Right. If you’d like to support Make It Right, click here to donate. Hmmm, do you think Brad will come to my housewarming party when I get moved into my new place??

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