The Handoff

The heat in Chicago this summer has been unbearable. So when I saw a man walking to work in a pinstripe suit in 88-degree weather at 8 AM, my eyes were drawn to him. I couldn’t help thinking, “Man, Mr. Pinstripes must be SO uncomfortable.” Then I saw him do something I’d never seen before.

It happened so fast that you would’ve missed it unless you were watching him. Mr. Pinstripes gave a bottle of water to a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. He just passed him the bottle with his right hand, without saying a word, and kept moving on. The homeless man didn’t say anything either, but the look on his face definitely said THANK YOU.

It was one of the most thoughtful things I’ve ever seen. Especially when it’s boiling outside, homeless people really need water. And unlike the rest of us, it’s not always easily accessible to them. I plan to take an extra bottle of water or two from meetings at work and share them with homeless people I walk past on the way home. Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Pinstripes!

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