52 Shades Of Greed

We’ve all been impacted in some way by the financial crisis earmarked by the demise of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Now 28 freelance artists have created an amazing illustrated deck of playing cards to commemorate the people, institutions and things that contributed to the crisis. Entitled 52 Shades of Greed, the deck of cards is complete with text to explain “who the players are in the casino we call the world financial system.” For example, here’s the memorable introduction to the description of Dick Fuld (9 of Diamonds):

Richard Fuld was the last Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers. He was nicknamed “Gorilla” because of his aggressiveness. His best known quote is, “I am soft, I’m lovable, but what I really want to do is reach in, rip out their hearts and eat them before they die”.

52 Shades of Greed was commissioned by the Occupy Wall Street movement. 1,000 decks will be given away on September 17 to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Decks and related artwork can be purchased at www.52shadesofgreed.com, where you can also view the completed designs. In addition to funding the 1,000 free decks, proceeds will go to the artists and towards creation of a sequel deck of “heroes” of the financial system. For their inspirational creativity and humor, the 28 artists who created 52 Shades of Greed are my Rainbows of the Week.

Fundred Dollar Bills

Looking for a fun and creative Random Act of Rainbow to perform this week? During his stop in New Orleans in “Craigslist Joe”, Joe Garner learned about Fundred Dollar Bill, a nationwide art project to help eliminate the devastating effects of lead-contaminated soil that places children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

The goal is to collect 3 million Fundred Dollar Bills — hand-drawn interpretations of U.S. $100 bills created by people like you and me, using a template furnished by the project’s sponsors. The cumulative total of 300,000,000 Fundred Dollars represents the equivalent cost required to make safe every lead contaminated property in New Orleans, so that every child is protected. The Fundreds will be presented to the U.S. Congress with a request for an even exchange of the creative capital for real funding to make safe lead-polluted soils in New Orleans. The model will then be made available to other lead-polluted cites.

You can get a cool template for your Fundred Dollar Bills here. If you enjoy coloring books as much as I do (I’ve never outgrown them!), this project is made for you. When your Fundred Dollar Bills are completed, send them to:

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

a.k.a. The Philadelphia Fundred Mint

1214 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA  19107

Attn: Christine Roberts


The Fundred Dollar Bill project is continuing through the 2012-2013 school year.