Craigslist Joe

Feeling down on Friday night after an extra-stressful work week, I decided to watch a new documentary film called “Craiglist Joe.” It’s about 29-year-old Joe Garner who, for one month, leaves everything behind except his cell phone (with a new number that his friends and family don’t have), laptop and the clothes on his back, and lives off of the kindness of strangers he meets through Craigslist.

Would the internet community enable Joe to survive for 31 days as he crisscrosses the United States (including stops in Chicago, New York, New Orleans and San Francisco)? It does that, and much more. So if you need a little uplifting shot of “feel good” like I did, check out “Craigslist Joe” (in theaters and on Xfinity On Demand). It’s definitely my Rainbow of the Week.

I Live Two Blocks From…

Remember this scene from Annie Hall where Woody Allen’s character (Alvy Singer) reminisces about growing up in a house under a roller coaster at Coney Island?

I can’t helping thinking about that scene now that I live so close to Navy Pier. While Navy Pier doesn’t have a roller coaster, it has all of these things and it’s a mere two blocks from my house:

If I’m lucky, like Alvy, living so close to these things will result in my having a hyperactive imagination and trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Anyway, Navy Pier and Alvy Singer are my rainbows of the week.

My Kind Of Town, All Over Again

After living in Chicago for 20 years, I thought I’d seen it all. But one of the benefits of my move to the Streeterville neighborhood is a new walk to work that’s reopening my eyes to the city’s beauty. Every morning, I breeze by the beautifully ornate Wrigley Building dwarfed by the behemoth, glossy Trump Tower; cross the Chicago River bridge on Michigan Avenue and see the flags fluttering over the commuters’ heads; walk past little Ogden Plaza (a tribute to the city’s first mayor) and the beautiful river walk; and look up at the giant Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza (brings to mind Ferris Bueller every time). For all the smiles it’s putting on my face, Chicago is my kind of town and my Rainbow of the Week.